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ATTENTION PARENTS: The Dickinson Police Department has made Dickinson Public Schools aware of an extremely dangerous and potentially lethal drug called fentanyl that is in the area.  Available at the below link is a video and documents to provide more information regarding this drug.  Please review the information and discuss it with your children.



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Kindergarten Registration Info

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Most of our information is posted to Facebook first because it’s the quickest way (over our Jefferson website which needs to be ADA compliant) to get out information. If you use FB please click the link below or the icon over on the right side of our page and join us! 


5th grade Skype with South Africa

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Several fifth graders at Jefferson Elementary School attended a Skype session early Friday morning connecting with a fifth grade class at Good Shepherd Primary School in Grahamstown, South Africa for a cultural exchange.  This annual event is organized by Dr. Burns in her music classes.  Each year the Jefferson students have a fundraiser for their “sister” school. In the next two weeks the children at Jefferson will be fundraising for a water filtration system for safe drinking water at their school.



Kiera Mavity, Fifth Grade, shared information about her Native American culture with the South African students during the Skype session.


The Fifth Grade Class at Jefferson Elementary has a connection with a Fifth Grade Class in Eastern Cape Grahamstown, South Africa.  Good Shepherd Primary School (grades 1-7) is a school for disadvantaged Xhosa learners.  Dr. Burns has worked with the school on site and has given the Jefferson fifth grades the opportunity to learn about South African music and culture and to meet the GSP fifth graders via Skype. The project originated with a select group of students at Berg Elementary in 2013 and has become a success for the past 4 years at Jefferson School. In the past, we have also successfully sponsored fundraisers for books, playground equipment, electricity, and their breakfast program.

This year’s fundraiser, Safe Sips, will provide a water filtering system for safe drinking water for their students.  Often the drinking water is unsafe and sometimes the city is without water.  Bottled water is costly and this system will be hooked up to their large water storage barrels that were installed five years ago.  So, even if there is no water available through the city, they use the stored water; however, it is only used for washing hands and boiling for washing dishes.

The cost of a system is about $350.00 USD (around R 3000, a large amount of money there).  We have already collected some money toward our Safe Sips fundraiser.  Any additional money that goes over the limit will be used to purchase extra replacement filters. We will be collecting through Friday, May 18.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and caring!   Dr. Carolyn Burns, Music Specialist





Submitted by Dr. Carolyn Burns, Music Specialist, Jefferson Elementary School, Dickinson, ND