Welcome to my Webpage!

I am middle child, but the first child of my parents born in North Dakota.  Although my mother lived in rural upstate New York for most of my childhood, I have always called western North Dakota home.


I did most of my growing up in Elgin, North Dakota where I eventually moved back to teach there for four years.  Before that, I attended the University of North Dakota getting my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English.


My first teaching job was at Watford City where I taught English to tenth and twelfth graders for seven years.  In 2012, I decided to move back to Elgin to take care of my mother who eventually moved back to North Dakota to be closer to her children when her health started to decline.  My mother eventually could not safely live alone, so I moved back to Elgin to sub and take care of my mom year before I took the media specialist spot that opened up in my hometown.  I got my media specialist  credentials from Valley City over a period of three years.


Seeing a need for English Language instructors inspired me to get my EL endorsement.  Thinking about English language learners made me think of my dad, the late Dr. George Hsu, who, although  people might be surprised to know, came to this country as a political refugee when he was very young to escape communist China and avoid Nazi Germany as his parents were from those countries.  I enjoy working and living in my beloved state and the beautiful west river country.


Current projects that I am involved with are completing my coursework for an EL endorsement and working as part of an innovation for education team that formed at the Governor’s Summit for Education last summer.  My team, Teachersparks, won second place in the Governor’s 30 Hour Challenge and are working on connecting educators across the state in meaningful ways to spark innovation and joyfully care for  each other.

You can reach me at thsu@dpsnd.org